Jack Taylor, Known for 138-Point Performance, Done for the Season

By Jared Mintz

The single-game scoring champion of universal basketball, Jack Taylor, is in the news once again, but this time it’s not as momentous of an occasion.

For those of you have no idea what I’m talking about, Division III Grinnell College’s Jack Taylor, who dropped an unimaginable – albeit potentially over-hyped – 138 points earlier in the season, breaking the college basketball single-game scoring record, by a lot.

The sophomore sensation won’t be breaking that ludicrous record anytime soon, as his season ended last Wednesday, when the guard fractured the radius on his shooting arm during a 119-117 win over rival Cornell (Iowa). Averaging 36.8 points per game on the season, this is a huge blow for a team who schedules non NCAA competition like Faith Baptist Bible, the team Taylor hoisted 108 shots on.

Grinnell College has made the news for breaking the scoring record each of the last two seasons and Taylor’s performance was ranted about and then some back in November when he broke the record. While some thought Taylor’s performance was evil and shouldn’t have been given any positive attention, others thought the criticism was unfair and the once in a lifetime performance should be honored for what it was.

Either way, as was predicted, nobody would care what happened to Taylor or Grinnell afterwards, but the record still sits in the record books and nobody will ever be able to take Taylor’s 138 points away from him.

Unless this injury was God’s way of saying…nevermind.

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