Last Undefeated Team Goes Down As College Basketball Season Grows Exciting

By Andy Schmidt
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

There aren’t many college basketball seasons that end with any one team finishing undefeated. This season will be another year in which no team hits that mark as the Michigan Wolverines lost on Sunday to the Ohio State Buckeyes to end their perfect start. It will be a jumble of teams at the top of this week’s rankings to see who the top team in the country is now. The unpredictability of college basketball proves how exciting the sport truly is.

The best thing about college basketball is the fact that it seems that on any given night, one of the top teams could go down in defeat which keeps fans’ interest and televisions turned on. While Michigan may have been the last undefeated team to lose this season, I can safely guess that no team will finish the season with just one loss. There is just too much parody in college basketball to have teams run the table anymore. I think whoever wins the NCAA Tournament in March will have three or four losses.

There is only two months to go until Selection Sunday and the beginning of March Madness. This is the time of year where conference play is going on and teams know their opponents so well that they don’t need to look at tape as much. There are going to be surprises like normal down the stretch and that will just make filling out that office pool even harder in 2013. I can’t wait to see what happens next because it is just starting to get really exciting.

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