Louisville Cardinals Won’t Be Selling No. 1 Shirts For Long

By Chris Katje
USA TODAY Sports-Jamie Rhodes

In a ridiculous move to make money, it appears that a fan shop in Kentucky is selling shirts that showcase the Louisville Cardinals and their new number one ranking. The new AP Top 25 Poll gave Louisville the number one ranking for only the second time in team history. However, with strong competition in the Big East and plenty of other one loss teams, Louisville’s stint at the top of the polls should be short lived.
Never ever say a thing about UK tees again. Ever. Ever. Ever.  on Twitpic

The new poll is the closest it has been the entire 2012-2013 NCAA Basketball season. Five teams received first place votes and the top three teams were separated by 90 points. Louisville edged out Indiana with a 1591 to 1527 margin. Duke followed close behind with 1501 points. Louisville had 36 first place votes, compared to 13 for Indiana and 14 for Duke. Kansas and Michigan were the other two teams receiving first place votes.

Louisville’s only loss came to the Duke Blue Devils, who held the number one spot earlier in the week before a loss. The top eight teams in the poll have one loss. Any conference stumble by Louisville or big wins by a one loss team will change the polls again. Louisville’s head coach Rick Pitino even thinks his team will lose the one spot soon. Pitino told reporters, “I think the top teams will play musical chairs for the next two months and it will be really significant at the end of the year.”

Louisville has only had the number one spot in the rankings on one other occasion. The team began the 2009 NCAA Tournament as the number one team in the nation, earning the overall one seed. Louisville lost to Michigan State in the Elite Eight, giving them a 3-1 record while the number one team in the nation.

The Cardinals of Louisville are in action right now on ESPN against Big East rival Connecticut. The Huskies lead the game and would love nothing more than to upset Louisville. The Huskies can not take part in the Big East Tournament or NCAA Tournament due to college basketball sanctions. If Louisville escapes tonight, they will play five games against ranked teams, including two against current number six Syracuse. Louisville will lose soon and people wearing the shirts will look silly.

If you’re a Louisville fan you have better options for a shirt to wear. Try tracking down a NCAA Championship shirt from 1980 or 1986. If that doesn’t work, find a Final Four shirt from any of Louisville’s nine appearances. Don’t be that person wearing these silly number one shirts.

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