Auburn Tigers Lose Former No.1 Recruit to Transfer

By Taylor Sturm
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Southeast Missouri University added a former Auburn Tiger to its roster today after Josh Langford announced his decision to transfer. Langford played his freshman season for the Tigers before getting a concussion in his sophomore season. He was a highly sought after recruit his senior year of high school, being recruited by schools like Clemson, Louisville, and West Virginia.

Langford was the number one recruit from Alabama in 2010. He will be eligible to play for Southeast Missouri in Spring of 2014, which will give the 6’7 Forward a chance to practice with the team and prepare for a different style of play than he was used to at Auburn. Langford will have less freedom to shoot and be expected to step up on defense.

Auburn is missing a down-low player of Langford’s caliber, but the Tigers are stacked on offense with Frankie Sullivan leading the team. The transfer was a smart move by Langford, seeing as the talent arriving at Auburn has been increasing lately, and he might not have gotten as much playing time. Langford is a good player and had high expectations in the SEC, but, as it goes with injured players, it’s hard to come back into an ever changing team that is increasing in recruited talent.

The Tigers have had a poor start to the season, but will not miss Langford. Auburn landed a couple of four star recruits last year and, although the Tigers are young, they are on the right path. Expect Auburn to compete in the SEC within two or three years.

Good luck to Langford at Southeast Missouri; the SEC wishes him the best.

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