Big Ten Conference the Most Valuable According to Forbes

By Joseph Nardone
Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

All of you SEC lovers step aside, well for at least until your new TV deal is negotiated, Forbes released a list Wednesday that touts the Big 10 as the most valuable conference in college sports. Forbes, whose data came from the conferences, BCS, NCAA, news reports and estimates, is the end all be all as far as finance in anything, can surely be trusted in their reporting.

According to Forbes the Big 10 came in at number one with $310 million in revenue, second is the Pacific 12 with $303 million, third is the ACC at $293 million, while the SEC is fourth bringing in $270 million. Not all of the monies accrued are from sports nor are they all from television deals. Universities still bring in revenue from education, enrollment, and research(What a noble idea). However, the majority of the money does come from big time athletics as well as television contracts. Of the $310 million that the Big 10 is generating, $250 million of that comes from strictly television deals.

The list Forbes put together will look pretty different when the SEC renegotiates its TV deal because of conference expansion. However, the importance that money brings to collegiate sports should not be lost in the discussion. Those who have the most money, have the biggest chance for success in the future. Having resources(money) at your disposal gives you a great edge in luring in the best coaches in the country, building the best facilities, and pushing the program’s brand to the forefront.

Curiously, the Big East was never mentioned anywhere near the top of the list, I wonder…

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