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NCAA Basketball

Is It Possible For A Dynasty in College Basketball?


As the College Football season has recently come to a close, with Alabama winning their third national championship in four years, college football now has their first dynasty since maybe Nebraska in the early 90s.  With many people saying that college football could never have a modern day dynasty, it begs the question whether we could see something like that in College Basketball.  The saying says “impossible is nothing”, but I’m among the skeptics as to whether something like that could ever occur in the modern day landscape of college basketball.

As opposed to having to be three years removed from high school before entering the NFL Draft for college football athletes, college basketball athletes only have to be one year removed from high school in order to enter the NBA Draft.  The increased amount of one and dones in college basketball has reached an all-time high to the point where Kentucky has become largely known as a one and done program these days.  It’s much harder to build the consistency and culture around a program when there is such a great amount of turnover from players and even coaches.

Also hurting the cause of a college basketball program becoming a dynasty is the increased exposure of mid-major programs.  With the emergence of programs such as the Gonzaga Bulldogs and the Butler Bulldogs, top players no longer have to line up at the door of Duke and North Carolina and wait for their turn to play.  With mid-major programs, players nearly have an equal amount of access to the mainstream college basketball fan, as well as NBA scouts.  So is it possible for a dynasty in college basketball? Absolutely! Is it likely?  Absolutely not!