Kentucky Wildcats Sneakin' Around the Chicken Coop

By brandonmoultrie
Mark Zerof-USA Today Sports

There appears to be a little pep in the step of the defending National Champions in College Basketball.  After early season struggles which saw them take early losses to Duke, Notre Dame, and Baylor, the Kentucky Wildcats are seemingly putting it together and showing signs of potential.  Loaded with a group of talented freshman and very few upperclassmen, Kentucky often looked like a team of talented players who were lost when it came to the concept of teamwork.

But as the season has progressed, there’s a new confidence beginning to kick in within the team, and it’s becoming apparent on the basketball court.  Guys are beginning to learn their roles on the team and Coach John Calipari seems to be finding a more steady rotation than what he’s previously had throughout the season.  Among the team, the basketball is being shared at a much higher rate, as members of the team are beginning to learn where their teammates are best effective.  Guard play has stepped up, less defensive responsibilities are being blown, and a will to win is emerging in the faces of the Wildcat basketball team.

For a team playing with as much pressure as Kentucky, these small victories are critical.  As many of the players will be looking to maximize their individual draft stocks in the NBA  as March approaches, their challenge will be to grow at a steady pace and try to win some key conference games.  Kentucky will now face a tough stretch of games, as teams in the SEC conference will be giving the Wildcats their best shot.

However, if progress continues to increase at the current pace, don’t be surprised to see the wildcats sneak all the way into the Elite 8.

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