The A-10 is Loaded, So Just How Much of a Threat Will the Charlotte 49ers Be?

By Paul Seaver
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

There are no superstars that will jump out at you from the Charlotte 49ers‘ roster and overall their most impressive win of the season was probably against Davidson.

So, at 15-2 overall and 3-0 within the Atlantic 10 Conference, the question must be asked; just how much of a threat will Charlotte be within the conference?

Well, let’s go inside the numbers a little bit more. Chris Braswell (11.9 ppg) and DeMario Mayfield (10.9 ppg) are the only players averaging in double figures offensively, but the balance throughout has been enough for the 49ers to continue their winning ways.

15 wins in 17 games this season is an impressive run, plain and simple. Throw in the fact that the 49ers’ only losses thus far this season have come at the hands of two ACC opponents. So what you have is a situation in which this team has simply taken care of its business.

The flip side of the argument however, is what have they proven outside of winning games? Their non-conference schedule does not exactly jump out at anybody, so there is still plenty of work to do.

The good news, or potentially bad news depending on how things go however, will come in early-to-mid February. A brutal stretch through the A-10 should answer any and all questions on the 49ers’ legitimacy. At this point, as the hype continues to rise, Charlotte must maintain their strong play by avoiding trap games and winning games at home, especially through the remainder of January.

Each and every game that the 49ers will play in February is a challenge, not to say that all other games aren’t, but the level of competition on a conference stage certainly spikes during that stretch.

It’s a wait and see time for Charlotte fans, but with that being said, there’s more than enough excitement that is building.


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