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Top 5 Coaches the USC Trojans Need to Consider For Head Basketball Coach

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Top 5 Coaches the USC Trojans Need to Consider for Head Basketball Coach

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The USC Trojans have rid themselves of Kevin O'Neill and are now searching for his replacement to lead them back to respectability in the Pac-12. Unlike when Tim Floyd was let go four years ago, the Trojans will have more than enough time to evaluate potential candidates for the position of Head Coach. Here you will find five prime examples of the type of leader USC needs in order to be a competitive program again.

These five men have displayed the characteristics of successful leadership at the major college level. These men have a personality that can handle the Los Angeles media, a track record of recruiting and proven themselves capable of building winning programs. Names like Randy Bennett from St. Mary's and Dan Monson from Long Beach State have been in the rumor mill to replace O'Neill but neither would make the splash that one of these five men could make for the Trojans.

Pat Haden, athletic director for the USC Trojans, has two to three months to get this decision right. He needs to take his time, consider all options and get the best and biggest name possible. USC needs not just a great coach but a great personality and leader. Football may be the headline sport but the basketball program and the Galen Center deserve a commanding presence. The following five coaches are everything USC needs to be aspiring too.

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Brad Stevens

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5. Brad Stevens- Butler University

When was the last time the Trojans made it to the Final Four? Brad Stevens has led the Butler Bulldogs to the Final Four, twice. Stevens took over a respectable mid-major program and has turned them into an annual Top 25 program that no one wants to see in March. Going from a tyrant to an intellectual would certainly be an about face for this program. Stevens is lauded for his calm sideline demeanor, ability to develop players and strategic mind. USC could use some of his magic to revitalize their basketball program.

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Shaka Smart


4. Shaka Smart- Virginia Commonwealth University

USC fans should recognize this face. Last year Shaka Smart coached up his team and wiped the Trojans by 13 to open the 2011 NCAA Tournament. His team brought their "havoc" style of play and taught a lesson that night that Pat Haden should not forget. Smart is a fiery coach who also is very smart having graduated magna cum laude from his university and also marrying a woman with a Harvard and Northwestern degrees. USC, a solid academic school itself, could surely benefit from someone with his academic and athletic credentials.

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Seth Greenberg

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3. Seth Greenberg- ESPN Analyst

Greenberg is out of coaching right now because of a rash decision by the Athletic Director at Virginia Tech, but he can coach. He has had success at every school he has coached (unlike the former coach of USC) and has recruited great players to each of his coaching stops. Take a look at his previous stop, Virginia Tech, wheere his assistant is now the head coach and the team he crafted is now 10-6 with a win over a top 20 team. Greenberg now has added a familiarity with the media to go with his coaching resume. All theses facts lead to the point that Seth Greenberg would be a major upgrade for the Trojans.

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Bruce Pearl

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2. Bruce Pearl- College Basketball Analyst

After having two sour attitude coaches in a row, wouldn't it be nice for the big market USC Trojans to have a warm personality running their basketball program? Enter Bruce Pearl if that is what you want. Few are as animated or speak as well as coach Pearl. The silver tongue he has gets him in trouble sometimes but if former USC coach Tim Floyd can keep getting jobs then so should Pearl. He reloaded a dead Tennessee program and that would be what he inherits in LA, a program on life support. Plus it would be great to see what kind of hideous suit Pearl would wear for games and how quickly he would sweat through it.

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Josh Pastner

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1. Josh Pastner- Memphis Tigers

Josh Pastner has the ability to change the culture of USC Trojans basketball. He has the charm off the court, the intensity on the court and the passion on the recruiting trail where he never lets a homegrown talent leave (USC has not kept a legit LA recruit in what feels like centuries). He also has the pedigree; coached for Lute Olson at Arizona and John Calipari at Memphis before being named head coach. Oh and side note, he can coach: .733 winning percentage in his four years of head coaching. At 35 years old, Pastner could be the type of hire that makes the Trojans relevant for the next 30 years. This is the type of coach USC should be looking for, this is the coach they need.

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