Can Solomon Hill Continue His Play For the Arizona Wildcats?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Solomon Hill is having an outstanding year as are the Arizona Wildcats. He’s been a major reason to the 15-1 start, and he could be the guy to carry Arizona all the way back into march madness gold. Hill is averaging 13 points, almost 6 rebounds, and 2 assists per game. My major worry about Hill is that his rebound numbers are down from last year’s quality year, but the 6’7 senior forward is continuing his improvements across the board.

What I like about Hill the most right now is his leadership improvement. It’s important for a senior like Hill, who has been through the big games, to continue showing the youngsters how to be a quality college basketball player. It’s going to be up to Hill to carry his team through the tournament, and i have no doubts he can do that.

Arizona still has several key games left to play, but if they continue what they’re doing- Arizona certainly is looking down the barrel at a number-one seed in a bracket. I know everyone wants to question Hill’s ability to maintain his solid season, but I think he will.

March Madness is where legends are born. Arizona certainly has its heroes from championship teams of the past, and there’s no reason why Hill can’t do the same. I look forward to watching this team closely through the rest of the year. I certainly hope my judgement isn’t completely off when it comes to Solomon Hill.

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