Will Creighton Join the Big Catholic Seven?


When the seven Catholic members of the Big East announced they were leaving the conference and forming a separate conference, the names of different schools that could replace them began to pop up around the country. Considering the seven schools are more focused on basketball, there are schools around the country that would fit the mold of perfect new members. One of the names that pops up is the Creighton Bluejays.

The biggest thing that makes Creighton an ideal member is that it is a Catholic school. The other seven members may want to stay with that theme and welcoming a member fitting that demographic is important. Currently the Bluejays play in the Missouri Valley Conference. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I am sure the idea of playing higher-profile programs like Georgetown would be appealing to the school. It would get them more exposure and broaden their recruiting base. Being located in Omaha hasn’t hurt their recruiting, but this move could very well make it better.

Another huge factor for Creighton is money. With the locations of teams in this conference being in major cities throughout the East Coast and Midwest, this will mean a bigger and broader television contract. With more money comes more opportunities. Being able to share revenue with bigger programs will sweeten the pot for Creighton.

Both sides would very much win with this deal. Creighton is a very competitive basketball program that will add credibility to the new conference while Creighton can take the increase of exposure and revenue and make their program even stronger.

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