LSU Tigers 0-4 SEC Start is as Expected

By Taylor Sturm


Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

LSU Tigers after a 6-0 start are finally beginning to show that they are in fact one of the worst teams in the SEC. Many were surprised at LSU’s early success, but it only takes a quick glance at the schedule to realize why the Tigers started off so strongly.

The Tigers are now 0-4 in SEC play, and LSU should not expect to turn that record around any time soon. Every team in the SEC looks more than capable of crushing the Tigers. It is not even as if LSU has played the top tier teams in the SEC. Yes, the Tigers lost against Florida (as expected), but Auburn, Georgia, and South Carolina are bad losses in a season that all three of those teams are struggling.

LSU is good at getting rebounds, but that’s about it. The Tigers are dominated in all other aspects of the game by every team that they play. It almost makes one wonder if the Tigers are losing on purpose, because all of the tools are there to beat teams like South Carolina and Auburn. LSU has some of the fastest players in the SEC. Their poor run makes one wonder if some of the blame should be on the coach.

LSU needs to start looking towards next season and try to keep Johnny O’Bryant III from going to the NBA, because this season is over. It is all but impossible to start 0-4 in the SEC and make it to the NCAA tournament – or even the NIT for that matter.

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