Vanderbilt Commodores Beat South Carolina: Prove that the Gamecocks Start to the Season Was a Fluke

By Taylor Sturm
Curtis Wilson-USA TODAY Sports

After losing most of their talent to the NBA draft and graduation last year (and by most of their talent, I really mean ALL of their talent), the Vanderbilt Commodores are playing extremely well. After poor refereeing cost Vanderbilt the game against Kentucky and a late three struck a dagger in their upset hopes against Ole Miss, the Commodores won a much deserved game against the South Carolina Gamecocks. Vanderbilt is a young team that will continue to get better – but, this game said far more about the Gamecocks than it did the Commodores.

South Carolina, after starting 10-3 and looking to be a surprise SEC team, has lost three of the last four and are 1-4 in the SEC. I hate to say it, but after the game against Vanderbilt, this is the type of record the Gamecocks deserve. South Carolina lost to every good team they played in the 10 wins before SEC play, with a loss to Elon thrown in.  The losses to injury tormented Mississippi State Bulldogs and the young, but talented, Auburn Tigers proved that the Gamecocks are a subpar team in the SEC.

The lone bright spot for the Gamecocks is Bruce Ellington. He is extremely talented and the reason both losses to Mississippi State and Auburn were so close. South Carolina has to start thinking towards the future, because this team is not even close to tournament ready. Do not be surprised if it’s a race to the bottom of the SEC, unless LSU beats South Carolina there.

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