Time For Kansas Jayhawks to Take Their Turn at No. 1

By marcvilas
Bob Donnan- US Presswire

Indiana? Been there done that.  Duke? Old news. Michigan? Blew your chance. Louisville?  Easy come, easy go.  Next up for the number one ranking and curse of the 2012-13 season in college basketball… the Kansas Jayhawks.  Currently ranked No. 4 in the nation with a 16-1 record after their comeback win over Texas last night, the Jayhawks are on a roll. It might be time to get over the fact that they seem to loose players to the NBA lottery every year and they should slip a little.  Bill Self has built up Kansas into one of the more consistent programs in the nation and it is their turn at No. 1.

The 2012-13 NCAA basketball season is fast becoming one of the more exciting in recent memory. Mid-majors are all over the Top 25 rankings and upsetting “big brother” programs every week.  National powerhouses are under performing, big name coaches are on the hot seat and every weekend looks like a miniature version of March Madness. Meanwhile the Jayhawks and Self have been the model of consistency and calm. Their schedule has not had many challenges, but unlike other highly ranked teams, they have not allowed themselves slippage against lesser teams. Their one loss this year was their second game of the season and was against an angry Michigan State team coming off their loss to Connecticut to open the season. That loss is relatively forgivable given the circumstances.

Does Bill Self want his team to be ranked No. 1? Considering how quickly the other teams have fallen after receiving that ranking, probably not. They have a huge test coming up against a very talented Kansas State on Tuesday.  However, it is time to recognize Self and the work his team has done this year. It is time to acknowledge a new No. 1. At least for now.

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