Kansas vs. Kansas State: Battle of the Big 12 Unbeatens

By John Hayden
Joe Camporeale – US Presswire

When I was young I read a lot of comic books, okay I still do at times, and some of my favorite all time comic book heroes are: Hong Kong Phooey, Captain Caveman, Flash, and my all time favorite Superman. I always enjoyed watching Superman take on his arch nemesis one by one. The one arc nemesis that comes into my mind is Lex Luthor and did they have their battles but in the end Superman always prevailed.  The one thing that could always take down Superman was kryptonite.

Well this Big Tuesday showdown is against two arch nemesis, the Kansas State Wildcats and the Kansas Jayhawks, who both are undefeated in the Big 12. We have Superman verses Lex Luthor in Manhattan in front of a sellout crowd who we be more fired up than ever before. This game has a lot of implications for both schools. The winner gets bragging rights, gets to be number 1 in the Big 12, and if Kansas State wins you will be able to buy a DVD or t-shirt of the victory.

I was born and raised in Kansas and every time these two plays everyone stops. This game divides families against each other, brother against brother (just like the Super Bowl this year), husband against wife, and even parents against kids. This is a battle of two teams on the court but people everywhere are affected by it. You will see in the stands a boyfriend who is a Wildcat fan and his girlfriend is a Jayhawk fan and even sometimes they break up over this game.

There will be blood spilled, words exchanged, bodies will fall and that is just talking about those in the stands. On the court it will be Superman vs Lex Luthor battling till the buzzer sounds. You have Coach Bruce Webber, who took over for Coach Bill Self at Illinois, against Coach Bill Self, one of the best coaches in the nation going head to head. Rodney  McGruder, Jeff Withey, Shane Southwell, Ben McLemore and the rest of each team battling for number 1.

What will be the kryptonite for each team? For Kansas State it will be their rebounding, they have been having problems crashing the boards. They will need to do a much better job when you have Withey and Young crashing the boards on the other side. For Kansas it will be their scoring, the past few games they have been having problems shooting the rock. They haven’t scored in the 70s in a long time and they better get it to the rim or McGruder will let them have it on the other end. If Kansas State finds Kansas’s kryptonite they will sneak out the win, and doing so will make them one of  the  top 5 teams in the nation. If Kansas finds Kansas State’s kryptonite, they will be on their way to a ninth straight Big 12 Championship.

I recommend you cancel all your plans you have and turn on the television. Read your kids a bedtime story early and grab a seat and be amazed as this battle for the top spot in the Big 12 begins.  So who will come out on top, Superman will- he always wins. Look for Kansas to barely pull away for the win.


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