Mark Emmert Heads Convention Aimed to Rebuild NCAA While Deregulating

By Joseph Nardone
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA isn’t just the best looking building in Indianapolis, Indiana, it’s supposedly the governing body of collegiate sports. I’ve talked in length in the past of what the NCAA was meant to be compared to what it has become but with some new rules on the horizon, they’re trying to make things easier for everyone who tries to keep up with the everyday nonsense NCAA related.

On Saturday the NCAA held a convention where the board approved 25 of 26 proposals, most of which dealt with deregulating some of the NCAA’s wide ruling thumb.

NCAA president Mark Emmert was thrilled(with himself, for you know, doing his job) and let the media know it. Here is Emmert talking about the board voting to allow unlimited texts to prospects, keeping them right in line with AT&T for longest to wait for unlimited services:

“There was virtually no debate on it. Everyone agreed that those rules need to be changed. That was probably the least controversial issue in this whole process.”

More nonsensical rules are gone to the wayside as well. Including the number of recruiters allowed to recruit at the same time, no longer a limit on sending printed recruiting material, and thankfully now the school can pay for the student’s travel expense in full.

Emmert also had a quote which he unknowingly admitted that the NCAA has overstepped its bounds while over-regulating far to long. After asked how many pages of the NCAA rule book is now gone, Emmert let this gem go:

“But I think that grossly underestimates the importance of all of these. Putting it in page numbers isn’t as important as the fact that it’s a complete reset on what the rules are about.”

Key word, reset. As in, man we overstepped our bounds and put far to many rules in the book, let’s take some of the rules WE made out.

The NCAA is also supposed to oversee the competitive balance in college sports. At this point, because of TV contracts, geography, etc., it’s obvious there is no exact way to guarantee a completely balanced playing field. Emmert, in all his glory, elaborated:

“We’re not going to try and overcome those natural competitive advantages that people have. But when student-athletes step on the field, they know that the other team’s got the same number of players, they’ve got the same number of coaches, they’ve got the same number of scholarships. They may have a fancier stadium, they may have other resource advantages, but we’ve got a chance to beat these guys because there’s competitive fairness.”

I’m of the belief that the NCAA has run its course and they either needed to be kicked to the curb or a major overhaul needed to happen. While this isn’t exactly what I was talking about, it’s definitely moving in the right direction.

In the year 2013 it’s really nice to know, the NCAA has finally gotten the unlimited texting plan.

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