Offense is the Key to Big Ten Title For Indiana Hoosiers

By Paul Seaver
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

The Big Ten Conference has been known for its toughness and defensive style over the past few years, but in 2013 an opposite threshold might hold the key to claiming conference supremacy.

Michigan has shown the ability to score the ball and beat teams simply because of their offensive talent and balance. For Indiana, that same idea may hold even more importance.

Currently, the Hoosiers rank second in the nation in points per game, averaging 84.4. At 16-2 overall and 4-1 within the conference, Indiana has seen a common thread throughout their first five league games. In their lone loss to Wisconsin just last week, the Hoosiers mustered just 59 points, a mark that is 25 below their season average. That offensive efficiency ultimately cost them that game and in turn the No. 1 rank in the country.

With a stacked lineup and offensive weapons across the board, head coach Tom Crean knows that an offensive output is important each and every game. The Hoosiers are fortunate enough to hold the nation’s second spot in points per game and that’s a testament to the weapons that they have on the floor. Any game in which things are going well from an offensive standpoint, the Hoosiers are going to be a difficult team to beat.

Teams who pride themselves on defense have had continued success in the Big Ten over the past few years, but the tides may be turning in 2013. Indiana especially, but Michigan as well, each have the makings of a conference champion, but the depth and difficulty of playing in the league only speaks for itself.

Indiana’s offensive style and ability will hold the key to their ability to win the conference crown.


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