Is Georgetown Content With John Thompson III?

By brandonmoultrie

When you think of Georgetown basketball, you think of so much history and prestige.  You think of all the highlights that have been played continuously, and the legacy that was left their by players who went on to become NBA greats.

Coach John Thompson put Georgetown on the map.  He was able to bring the likes of Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo, Allen Iverson, etc. to Washington, D.C. and they lit up the eyes of the entire college basketball world.

The winning history and legacy left by Thompson has been marred in recent history by mediocrity and underachieving teams despite being enormously talented. Most importantly, the recruiting base of Georgetown is somewhat of a mystery these days.  Under the original John Thompson, Georgetown could pretty much lock the doors of D.C. area talent and win a ton of games.

In recent memory, hundreds of players, including the likes of Ty Lawson, Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley (to name a few) have gotten out of the D.C. area without giving Georgetown a second thought.  It’s no longer the “it” school in the eyes of prospects, and the Princeton offense isn’t necessarily seen as sexy by a prospect who believes he can score 25 points per game in college.

With Georgetown not able to make any deep runs in the tournament as of late, I’m led to wonder whether the former Cleveland State and current Georgetown athletic director Lee Reed is really content with John Thompson III as a basketball coach.


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