Former North Carolina State Player Rips Mark Gottfried, T.J. Warren Retweets

By Sean Labar

After the N.C. State Wolfpack toppled No.1 Duke on national television last week, everyone including myself thought that would be the spark that ignited Mark Gottfried’s squad in a push for an ACC title.

There are still plenty of games to be played, but since their victory over the Blue Devils, N.C. State has lost to Maryland, Wake Forest and slipped past Clemson by only four.

There is no single answer to the Wolfpack’s sudden collapse. One former N.C. State player however, thinks he has the answer.

Thomas DeThaey, who left the program in November, tweeted this after last night’s loss.

“That’s what happens when you’re a good recruiter, but terrible coach!”

We see this all the time, frustrated alumni lashing out at their team’s coaches through social media. The interesting part about this story is that current freshman T.J. Warren retweeted De Thaey’s tweet.

This would lead one to believe that Warren, who has been averaging 17.5 points over the last two games, agrees with De Thaey and is unhappy with the way Gottfried has been coaching.

This is exactly the kind of thing you don’t need out of a freshman player. Right now, after facing a little adversity, N.C. State needs veteran guys who will step up and keep their locker room out of the media spotlight.

I would be surprised Warren wasn’t disciplined in the wake of this. If N.C. State wants to make a run at the NCAA tournament they need guys who believe in their coaches’ system, no matter the outcome.


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