Missouri Tigers Need to Consider Getting Rid of Frank Haith

By Andy Schmidt
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

There are many very shaky people in sports. It sounds like one of those players may be Frank Haith. Haith is being investigated by the NCAA for possible violations when he was the coach of the Miami Hurricanes. He has since moved to the Missouri Tigers but any sanctions against him could come back to get Missouri.

If Missouri is smart, they will rid themselves of Haith right now before things get potentially worse. Right now, the possible sanctions on him are on hold due to the NCAA looking into their own investigation.

If Haith did the things that are being stated and he stays at Missouri, there could be major sanctions involving lost scholarships and more. I don’t think Missouri wants to lose those things just because they hired a coach that they potentially didn’t know did something.

Missouri would be best-served by just looking for a new coach now and if things appear to be coming to an end with Haith, then it would be smart to just get rid of him.

There are no winners in this story with Haith likely getting the worst of it and having his coaching career ended if Missouri were to get rid of him. Missouri has had a great basketball program the last few years and was a No. 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament last season before getting upset. It would be a big loss to fire him, but the threat of sanctions should be enough in my world to fire him. It just proves once again that everyone has demons and things that follow them throughout life that must be looked on a daily basis.

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