Miami Investigation Attorney Claims That the NCAA is Using Her as a Scapegoat

By Brian Swanson
Brad Barr – USA TODAY Sports

Maria Elena Perez, the lawyer for University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro, says that the NCAA has used her as a “patsy” during their investigation of Miami.

The NCAA claims that they used Perez to get information relating to their investigation of Miami. This information came from Shapiro’s bankruptcy proceedings. If these claims are correct there is plenty of blame for both sides.

These allegations should come as no surprise, as Perez has a known history of mistakes and legal infringements. In a previous case it was ruled in a Florida court that Perez had been “ineffective” as an attorney for one of her defendants. The court also stated that her performance “fell below the Florida Bar’s standards of conduct and professionalism.”

Perez told the Sun Sentinel that she did not conspire with NCAA investigators to obtain information inappropriately.

“I did nothing wrong and I was playing by the f—— rules and I am not bound by NCAA rules, and if they did something wrong, it is their problem and they are trying to make it my problem,” Perez told the Sun Sentinel.

According to an ESPN source, Perez was given questions to ask on behalf of the NCAA during the bankruptcy deposition.According to the NCAA the attorney then sent them a bill for partaking in the collaboration. Perez claims the NCAA paid her for her services only.

Miami has two-postseason bans regarding the investigation of misconduct of the football and men’s basketball programs.

Shapiro is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for masterminding a $930 million Ponzi scheme.


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