No. 1 Ranking In College Basketball Has Become A Revolving Door

By Brian Lester
Brian Spurlock – USA TODAY Sports Images

The No. 1 ranking in college basketball has become a revolving door.

Indiana started the season in the top spot before Butler edged the Hoosiers back in December on a neutral floor. Suddenly, the Hoosiers are over-hyped.

Duke was No. 1 twice but the Blue Devils couldn’t hold onto it either time, both times falling on the road. Immediately, the Blue Devils are deemed over-rated.

Louisville even took a stab at owning the top ranking but a loss to Syracuse ended that stay. The Cardinals tumbled and the shirts that were made proclaiming their No. 1 status were probably shipped off to some third-world country that believes the Buffalo Bills are the greatest NFL team of all time.

But it’s not about the above-mentioned teams being over-hyped or over-rated. They are victims of the current state of college hoops.

College basketball doesn’t have a great team. You won’t find UCLA of the John Wooden era, a Fab Five or the Duke and UNLV teams of the early 1990s. What college basketball has is a bunch of good teams capable of winning on any given night. In fact, you could probably make a case that 15-20 teams are capable of winning a national championship this season.

It’s not a bad thing at all.

The parity that reigns supreme in the game makes the sport more fun to follow. It gives fans a reason to believe that their team is capable of pulling off an upset or making a deep run in the NCAA tournament.

The madness is no longer reserved for March, and don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Brian Lester is a college basketball writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @BLester1993.

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