Who Is the The Second Best Team in the SEC?

By Trevor Lowry
Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

It is pretty clear that the Florida Gators are the best team in the SEC. However, who is the second best team in the conference?

You have Missouri, Ole Miss, Alabama and even Kentucky. At this point in the college basketball season, most would argue that Ole Miss is the second best team in the conference, which I mean they pretty much are right now. The Rebels are 16-2 overall and have a perfect record of 5-0 in the conference. Technically, they have a better record than Florida, but no one in the entire country has been blowing teams out quite like the Gators.

Sure, Ole Miss may be playing great basketball right now, but the second best team in the conference has to go to Missouri. I’m sorry Rebels fans, but when the Tigers are healthy, they are good enough to challenge Florida.

Laurence Bowers is a very important piece to the Missouri puzzle and when he is healthy, the Tigers are a much different team, especially on offense.

Just for the record, talent-wise, Kentucky likely has the most in the conference, but talent doesn’t always win games, which John Calipari is finding out this year. I understand that Ole Miss already beat Missouri once this season and held them to just 49 points, but Bowers was not in that game and it was played on the road for the Tigers.

If you put Ole Miss on the road against teams like Florida, Kentucky and Missouri, they are going to have a very rough time. However, that is where I think Missouri is different, at least when this team is at full strength.

There is still plenty of basketball left to be played and although Ole Miss could be considered the second best team in the SEC, once Missouri is healthy, it is going to claim that spot.


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