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10 Teams on the College Basketball Bubble for the 2013 NCAA Tournament

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Is Your Favorite Team on the Bubble?

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The NCAA tournament may be more than a month away, but conference wins this time of year are crucial no matter who you are. Although a team may clearly be in the dance as of right now, so much college basketball is left to be played, meaning no one is guaranteed a ticket yet in this year’s tournament. Whether the case, let’s take a look at 10 teams that are on the bubble right now.

Whether if these teams are currently in the tournament right now or not, it does not matter because these 10 teams are definitely on the bubble.

It may or may not come at a surprise, but there is a good chance that last year’s national championship team does not make the dance. Sure, the Kentucky Wildcats are just as talented as any team, but it is all about wins and the old resume, not how many of your players are going to make the NBA next year.

There are a couple of teams on this list that had a great out-of-conference record, but have disappointed in conference play. Having a good out-of-conference record is good and all, but when you are the the fifth or worse team in your conference, you can definitely expect your name to be included in the bubble conversation.

Conference play is in full swing and the NCAA tournament will be here before you know it. Start getting ready for the tourney by seeing 10 teams that are currently on the bubble.

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Xavier Musketeers (11-7, 4-1 A 10)

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Xavier had a very disappointing out-of-conference schedule, but they have played very good basketball in conference play, currently with a 4-1 record in A 10 play.

This is good enough to put the Musketeers tied for the top of the conference. Still, Xavier lost very important games to Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, Tennessee and Wake Forest.

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Alabama Crimson Tide (12-7, 4-2 SEC)

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Alabama entered the season with pretty high expectations, but those were killed with five out-of-conference losses.

Losses against Mercer and Tulane look absolutely horrible and Alabama could not capitalize against Cincinnati, Dayton or VCU, but the Tide are currently tied for third place in the SEC.

If Alabama can stay at this position, it will make the dance despite the fact that it has some pretty big losses and no major victories on the resume.

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BYU Cougars (15-6, 5-2 WCC)

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Losses against Florida State, Notre Dame and Baylor do not really hurt BYU, but they are still losses.

Not to mention, the Cougars have already lost to Saint Mary’s and Gonzaga in the conference, but they are 5-2, which ranks them third in the WCC.

This team absolutely needs a win against either Saint Mary’s or Gonzaga at the end of the season or else they will pretty much be doomed for the dance.

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Kentucky Wildcats (13-6, 4-2)

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Unlike recent years, the Kentucky Wildcats are the typical bubble team. They have no bad losses this year, but they could not get a big win in out-of-conference play.

The Wildcats are also just a game and a half back in the SEC, so there is still hope for them to win the conference. This team will likely make the dance, but there is nothing special about their resume.

However, Kentucky is just as talented as anyone this year.

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Illinois Fighting Illini (15-5, 2-4 Big Ten)

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Illinois is finding out how brutal the Big Ten is this year. The Fighting Illini had great victories over Butler and Gonzaga, but they already have four losses in conference play and they are nowhere near the top of the rankings in the Big Ten.

Although this team already has 15 wins on the season, if it continues to fall in the Big Ten, there is no way that they will be dancing this year.

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Iowa Hawkeyes (13-6, 2-4 Big Ten)

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If Illinois is on the bubble, then the Iowa Hawkeyes are in some serious trouble. This team does not have the quality out-of-conference wins that Illinois has, but they have beaten both Northwestern and Wisconsin in conference play.

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Maryland Terrapins (15-5, 3-4 ACC)

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Maryland has been underrated all season, despite only having one loss in out-of-conference play, which came in the first game of the season against Kentucky.

The Terrapins are having a much more difficult time in ACC play, though, being 3-4 in the conference. Their best win of the season by far was against No. 14 North Carolina State at the time. However, Maryland just got blown out by Duke, but that game was on the road for the Terps.

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La Salle Explores (13-5, 3-2 A 10)

la salle
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La Salle has plenty of bad losses this season, but a recent win against Butler got everyone’s attention. The Atlantic 10 conference is perhaps the best it has ever been or at least in a very long time and La Salle is just one of many teams in this conference that has a good shot at dancing this year.

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Wyoming Cowboys (15-3, 2-3 MWC)

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Wyoming is a great team this year, but the MWC has a chance of getting six teams into the tournament. The Cowboys should currently be in the field, especially with a perfect out-of-conference schedule and a big win against San Diego State, but they need to compete for a conference title, and they are currently ranked sixth in the conference.

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Iowa State Cyclones (14-5, 4-2 Big 12)

iowa state
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A recent win against No. 11 Kansas State at the time has the Iowa State Cyclones standing on the right side of the bubble.

Iowa State doesn’t really have any bad losses, but it is too bad that it couldn’t pull out a victory against Cincinnati or UNLV.

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