Are the Baylor Bears Underachieving?

By brandonmoultrie

If you take a glance at the Baylor Bears roster or just get a chance to watch them on TV, you’d think they’d be a much more impressive team than their play on the court has indicated.  Being a program that has risen into the national conscience in recent years by having great success, you wonder if this season is a bit a setback for a program that seemed to be rolling into prominence.  Baylor is by no means having a terrible season, but when you look at some of their losses, they strike you as being inexplicable for a program in their position.

In recent years, Baylor has positioned itself to compete for recruits with the best programs in the country.  They have solidified themselves in the conversation for the best basketball program in Texas, and their fan base has grown by leaps and bounds.  They’ve also put players in the NBA and have a nice prospect on this year’s team in explosive point guard Pierre Jackson.

Their early season loss to Colorado sticks out because the difference in a superior team beating an inferior team is merely focus.  Losing by two points to a team you should beat indicates a lack of focus on behalf of Baylor.  Then another unacceptable loss at home against the College of Charleston again signals a lack of focus for the Bears.  Baylor is now entering their toughest stretch of the season.  If they wish to turn it around, they’ll need to buckle down and play up to their potential if they wish to find themselves in the NCAA Tournament.

If not, the post-season NIT awaits.

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