Maryland Terrapins: Alex Len with the Other Reverse Dunk (Video)

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Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

So the Duke Blue Devils put a stomping on the Maryland Terrapins just a few days after they got stomped by the Miami Hurricanes. That is real swell and all but there were far more interesting things going on here. Mason Plumlee supposedly playing with no thumb and Mason Plumlee doing a disgustingly sick reverse put-back dunk.

However, that wasn’t the only cool thing that was going on in Durham, no sir. Maryland’s Alex Len went all opposite White Men Can’t Jump(Well, until Woody Boyd got out of that bar in Boston) and had a little reverse jam of his own. For the love of everything great with college hoops, watch Len go all bonkers…

Yes, that indeed looked like Len going all bonkers. It’s a shame he can’t publicly celebrate his feat of athleticism (Because we know privately he thinks this will help him with the ladies) because the Terps just got smacked around. No need for Len to worry though, I’m sure most of the coeds at Maryland only watch SportCenter, so all should be well in his love life.

Will it make highlight reels across the nation, I don’t know. The fact that Len is now competing with the Marquette Bat for television time might prove fatal for the Terrapin. But who knows, when it’s all said and done, maybe he and the bat could start a reality show together.

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