Northern Illinois University Sets New College Basketball Record of Shame

By Scott DelleFave
Montgomery, Mark 1
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the Northern Illinois University Huskies set a record that I’m sure they would love to forget today as they only scored four points in the first half, and no that’s not a typo. They ultimately lost to the Eastern Michigan Eagles 42-25, but the damage had been done early.

The Huskies were a combined 1-33 or a whopping three percent from three-point line, not to mention they were also 8-15 from the charity stripe and a combined 8-61 or 13.1 percent from the field as a whole. There wasn’t a single player that broke double digits in this afternoon’s game, the leading scorer was Freshman Daveon Balls with seven points and he came off the bench to boot.

Lucky for the Huskies, they scored 21 in the 2nd half of this game since they were heavily flirting with the lowest scoring since the shot clock era began. It’s just amazing how they scored 25 today and yet three days ago they scored 74 points and actually won against the Central Michigan Chippewas. It’s not a shock that this Huskies team has only won four games this year, frankly they don’t deserve a single win if your team only scores 25 points in a game.

Not to say the Eagles were much better as they only had one player break double digits in points and Glenn Bryant only had ten points. Not to mention their team was only 13-35 or 37.1 percent themselves, I can only hope that the Eastern Michigan University offered refunds to anyone that paid to see that game.

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