Providence Friars vs. Marquette Golden Eagles: Star of the Game Was a Bat (Videos)

By Joseph Nardone
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

So the Marquette Golden Eagles put a beat down on the Providence Friars, no big shock there. However, there were two pretty awesome things to take away from the contest. One, a bat had money on the Friars and tried to help the struggling squad get a cheap victory. And the other, the Marquette bat got a Twitter account. If you must follow this bat(how does he type?), you can do so @MarquetteBat. All we know for know, while the bat seemed to be on the side of Providence, its Twitter account claims to be a fan of the Golden Eagles.

The Marquette person in charge of music did a great job by playing some Ozzie Osbourne while the players seemed determined to take the head off the animal. This was indeed the only exciting moment of a game that would otherwise be forgotten in about twenty minutes. The biggest question that’s left is, do I have video of players acting like a fool while trying to become bat hunters? You bet your sweet…

Are you satisfied? Do you want more? How about the arena going dark, the crowd singing a song by the corpse of Whitney Houston, all while the bat is “removed”? You want some, come get some.

Okay, one more. This one is playing the Batman theme song. Not as long as the other two, nor do I believe the bat is visible, but they’re playing the Batman theme song!

Call it what you want to call it, but the Marquette Golden Eagles are bataholics.

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