Late Game Situations Cause Trouble For Northern Iowa Panthers

By ryankramer
Marc Sonnen-Northern Iowa Panthers
Kevin Jairaj-US Presswire

Another chance at the end of a game for the Northern Iowa Panthers and another loss for them.  There have been numerous games this year where they have been leading late in the game or had a chance to make a bucket to win the game but the same things keep happening to this team.  Whether it’s stepping out of bounds against Indiana State or the foul on a last second three or when they were up by two with under a minute left and they couldn’t hold on to win the game.  This year it seems that if the game is close, the Panthers find out a way to lose the ball game.

There could be many different reasons as to why the Panthers can’t seem to find a way to win these close games.  I think the main reason is because of the way they play throughout the game.  They run their fair share of set plays, but they like to keep it spread out and hoist up a shot in the last few seconds of the shot clock.  They aren’t used to scoring quickly or trying to run a play to get open looks.

I think if the Panthers played faster throughout the game, that when it comes to the end of game situations they would feel more comfortable with each other.  Another reason is when it gets into these late game situations they seem to take Deon Mitchell and shift Anthony James over to the point.  They usually space it out for James in hopes of him hitting a shot.  It’s pretty easy for the defense to know what’s going on.

These games that they have lost could be crucial in whether or not the Panthers are going to get into any type of post season play.

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