Akron Denied Placing Twitter Handles on the Back of Their Jerseys

By Anthony Lenahan
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA Today Sports

Social media has pretty much began to take over the country.  It has spread throughout industries and especially throughout the entire sports world.  College basketball has grown accustomed to social media as well and has been used all over the sport.  Promotion and conversation are both ways social media is used by teams.

The Akron Zips decided they were going to take it to a whole new level by deciding they were going to place their twitter handles (@ZipsMBB) on the back of their jerseys where a players last name would normally be.  It is a great idea to get people to follow the Akron basketball page on twitter, but is this really necessary?

The NCAA didn’t feel that is was necessary and denied Akron the privilege to do such a thing.  The NCAA also denies any team who wants to honor a player by putting their last name on the back of all the jerseys so it is completely understandable for why they are not allowing Akron to follow through with their idea.

Akron also, to continue with their social media trend, will place trends on their court.  A trend is designated by a “#” on twitter and allows for other people to find your ideas on that event easily on twitter.  The Zips plan to install #ZipsGameday and #ThinkBigger on their court.

They are really going all out on their twitter promotions and it can only bring good things for the program.  It is a neat idea, but I feel it is taking the whole social media thing to another level.

Akron should have came up with the idea of putting each players individual twitter handle on the back of their own personal jersey instead of the standard team one.  Even if they had a different idea, it still would have been shut down by the NCAA.

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