East Carolina Player Shamarr Bowden Beats Down a UTEP Player (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Beat down is a very strong word. It insinuates that one person not only beat the living Sam Cadoolebecks out of another, but it leaves you thinking about the days of pro-wrestlers going all Iron Sheik on each other. Now I’m not one to judge another person’s ability to control themselves, as I have zero of my own, but I do think it would be wise for any athlete on any level to refrain from breaking out a can of whoop (Okay, you get the point).

Yet, East Carolina Pirates player Shamarr Bowden deemed it necessary to not only break out a can, but rained down a furry of cans on a UTEP player’s face. Don’t just believe me that Bowden has a future career in the squared-circle – watch the video!


What will likely go unnoticed the first time you watch the video is that Bowden might not have been angry with the player he was going to eat for dinner. As it turns out, through my own investigation, it looks like Bowden got a head-full of manhood shoved relatively close to his face after his teammate put the ball through the basket.

Bowden is no stranger to controversy. This past April he was arrested for bringing a gun to a party, and deciding that it wasn’t cool enough to have a weapon at a house party, but that he had to fire a few bullets in the air. Bowden has since apologized for the incident, and is awaiting the obligatory suspension that comes with throwing fisticuffs on opponents.

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