The Big East Conference Plans to Keep Name After Catholic Seven Departure

By Joseph Nardone
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Big East Conference is in a state of denial. Commissioner Mike Aresco says not only will the league look to add another school after losing the Catholic Seven, but plans on keeping the Big East name.

Aresco, who was eating the finest bacon in all the land, spoke at a local chamber of commerce breakfast in Middletown yesterday, then spoke with some reporters afterwards.

Aresco, in his infinite wisdom, believes that conference realignment is about to settle down. Well, he may be right as I don’t think the Big East can technically lose anymore programs than they already have. However, Aresco believes that 12 is the magic number for the conference. Well that is only after the Navy Midshipmen join the conference to play both hoops and football in 2015.

The commissioner also wants to try to keep traditional conference rivalries going after the Catholic Seven depart for greener pastures. Because you know, trying to grasp for what you used to have is a great way to re-brand the product that is already tarnished beyond recognition. Whether or not the Catholic Seven will decide to work with Aresco and keep some of their Big East rivalries going is yet to be seen. Considering that most of their “real” traditional rivals will no longer be in the Big East either, it’s likely a stretch that they will agree to play something called the Tulane Green Wave under Aresco’s traditional rivalry moniker.

Aresco says he hopes to negotiate multiple network TV deals for the Big East in the near future. Grabbing a 12th team would surely help them earn a larger contract.

So would, I don’t know, being the actual Big East Conference of ten minutes ago and not headlined by former stepping stone programs like they will be going forward.

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