Northern Iowa Panthers Lose Another Close One

By ryankramer
Marc Sonnen-Northern Iowa Panthers
Chris Fouch-US Presswire

Another close game for the Northern Iowa Panthers, and another loss.  This one will sting possibly even more than the Indiana State defeat on Sunday. The Panthers seem to have found yet another way to lose a game that they had in their hands late.  They were up six with under a minute left, but a turnover and back to back threes for Evansville leaves the Panthers with just another loss.

This brings their record to 11-11 and 4-6 in conference.

So where do the Panthers go from here?  Well I would like the Panthers to go to Matt Bohannon a little bit more and maybe even start him.  They should play Anthony James at the point more and bring Deon Mitchell off the bench.  They also need to give Seth Tuttle a touch every time down the court.  He is their only inside option as it seems Jake Koch continues to play more outside.  I believe with James at the point, the floor will open up more for guys like Marc Sonnen and Bohannon.

End of game situations is something that needs to get taken care immediately.  There is no reason that they hold a team to 47 points in regulation and up six with under a minute and they can’t hold on.  This falls on the seniors Sonnen, James, and Koch to get it done.  They have had so many close games this year that if they were able to pull them out this season would be totally different.

It’s time for the Panthers to put together a run so that aren’t stuck playing on the first day of the conference tournament.

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