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What is the Nicest Arena in the Missouri Valley Conference?

CenturyLink Center

Matt Ryerson-US Presswire

With Creighton being one of the best teams in the Missouri Valley Conference and maybe having the best player in college basketball in Doug McDermott, it only makes sense that they would have the nicest arena’s in the conference, right?  The Blue Jays play in a huge arena compared to the rest of the Missouri Valley.  It sits up to over 17,000 people for games, which is almost double the capacity for most arenas in the conference.  The CenturyLink Center was opened in 2003 and the cost to build it was $291 million.

This serves as a huge advantage for the Blue Jays over the rest of the conference.  They can offer kids a great education and the chance to play in front of a sold-out crowd.  They have everything they need in the new facility that most colleges can only dream of.  It has to be difficult going into such a hostile environment for opposing teams because a lot of them probably have never played in such a big arena before, especially when the crowd really gets going against them.

It gives fans that go to the games a unique experience as well.  They can enjoy watching basketball in a beautiful arena while also watching one of the better teams in the country play. The Blue Jays should feel really fortunate to be able to play in such a nice play and in front of great crowds every game because not every program has that opportunity, especially in the MVC.