Big East Conference Needs To Be Happy With Where They Are At

By Andy Schmidt
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Big East Conference is in major trouble these days with teams leaving the conference at a faster pace than Secretariat in the Belmont Stakes. The conference is now looking to add another team so the Big East can get back to 12 teams. At this point, it may be a better idea for the conference to just consider being happy with what they’ve got before anyone else finds the exit.

The Big East was way too big before with 16 teams for basketball and a conference tournament that lasted five days. It just seemed too bloated to me, and now with the conference heading down a path to look for a 12th team, I’m not sure that is the best option out there. If I was a team in the conference at this point, I would be trying to find a conference that isn’t having the problems that the Big East is presently experiencing.

It would be safer in the long run for those teams to consider the Big Ten Conference or the Atlantic Coast Conference at this point. Who knows how much longer the Big East will survive in its current state, and it looks really bad right now. Things could easily change if the right school is brought in, and if the Big East can get a huge television contract that involves multiple networks like has been discussed.

Right now though, the state of the Big East is poor and doesn’t appear to be getting any better. It is time to flee before the other conferences stop adding.

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