Michael Snaer Saves Florida State’s Season

By brandonmoultrie
Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

Facing a catastrophic collapse, Michael Snaer did what Michael Snaer does.   For those who don’t know, he specializes in hitting game winning shots.  This has been an up and down season for Florida State.  Many college basketball fans have kept a watchful eye on the Seminoles this year to see how the team would respond to being ACC Champions last season.  With a senior in Michael Snaer and Ian Miller, a kid with superstar talent, expectations were pretty high for the Noles.

But then the year began and the inexplicable losses started to pile up.  By the time they made it to ACC play, they had already lost five games, and the swagger from last year’s ACC title run was largely non-existent.  But after a 2-0 start to conference play (both road games), things started to look up.  And as quickly as things got better, it was even quicker that they got worse.  FSU went on to lose two straight ACC games before needing a game winner to beat the Clemson Tigers at home.  FSU would then head to Coral Gables and play the worst game they’ve played all year.

Being a team sliding down the conference standings, FSU needed a boost to get them back on track.  On Wednesday night, they received a huge boost from none other than Michael Snaer, who has become known nationally by hitting game winning baskets.

With his game-winner on Wednesday, Snaer may have injected a shot of life into the arms of the defending ACC Champs.  But where they go from here is anyone’s guess.

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