Seth Curry: What He Needs To Do To Be Like His Big Brother, Stephen Curry

By Horran Cameron
Daniel Shirley USA Today Sports

Next season in the NBA, we may see another set of brothers to join the ranks of the Crawford’s (Jamal and Jordan), the Lopez’s (Brook and Robin), and the Gasol’s (Marc and Pau). I expect for current Duke Blue Devils‘ shooting guard, Seth Curry, to be selected in the 2013 NBA Draft. However, this current Blue Devil guard needs necessary improvement before he becomes a professional basketball player.

Currently, Curry is averaging 15.7 points, 2.1 rebounds, and 1.2 assists. Curry’s strength is his ability to score. As a freshman at Liberty University, Curry averaged 20.2 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 2.3 assists in one season. He also averaged 36.5 minutes per game during his one season at Liberty.

Although Curry can score, he does not excel at making his teammates better. At 6’2″ 185 pounds, Curry relies mostly from coming off screens to get open for shots rather than taking his man off the dribble consistently. If he was more of a play-maker like his older brother and current Golden State Warriors player, Stephen Curry, then Duke would be more versatile and deadly than they are right now. When Stephen Curry attended Davidson College from 2006 to 2009, head coach Bob McKillop, made him the starting point guard during his junior season; his final season, as well.

This change in position allowed NBA executives the opportunity to see Curry’s play-making ability since he was projected as a point guard. Curry doubled his assists per game from his freshman season (5.6), while averaging 28.6 points per game to lead the NCAA in scoring.

If Duke’s head coach, Mike Krzyzewski, would have used Seth Curry more as a point guard, then his game would be more well-rounded like Stephen Curry’s game. In addition, Seth would be viewed more as an offensive threat because he would be viewed more as an offensive threat.

I believe that Curry will fall victim to how he is used in Mike Krzyzewski’s system as a scorer-first. The same thing happened to former Blue Devils Will Avery, Daniel Ewing, and Trajan Langdon. The one Blue Devil who I did not expect to have a long career in the NBA was Chris Duhon. However, he has fared well in the pros.

Since this is Curry’s last season, he does not have too much time to hone his play-making ability. However, what will make his NBA value rise is his ability to facilitate the offense more. Now, that Ryan Kelly is not playing due to injury, Duke players need to step up and make more plays.

This is a critical time for Curry, and the perfect time to give the NBA a glimpse of what he can do. Kobe Bryant is facilitating the Los Angeles Lakers‘ offense and look at what has resulted – three consecutive wins. If Curry takes on this challenge, he will reap a great deal of rewards; as a collegiate and professional basketball player.

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