Can Jay Wright’s Magic Continue?

By brandonmoultrie
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Wright has made the Villanova Wildcats one of the more exciting teams to watch in college basketball in recent memory.  They are consistently in the upper echelon of the Big East, and they’ve provided us with tons of thrilling games.  From the decades passed with players like Kerry Kittles, to the more recent big names of Randy Foye and Scottie Reynolds, Villanova has plenty of history for college basketball fans to draw upon.

But while the Big East is in the midst of dissolving, the Wildcats are busy trying to stay afloat and position themselves to make a run in March’s Big East Tournament in Madison Square Garden.  While they’ve seen plenty of struggles this season and have found themselves in the middle of the conference pack, Wright has found some recent magic that has ignited his program and brought some life back to the exciting wildcats.

Villanova is 2-1 in the last 10 days, with two back-to-back wins over top-five ranked programs.  Both games being at home, Villanova was able to hand Louisville a loss, followed by beating Syracuse in overtime.  The thing that Coach Wright has an innate ability to do is to get maximum effort from his players.  He may not always have the most talent on the basketball floor, but Wright coached teams always play with tremendous togetherness and passion.  Under his teaching, his team was able to have one of the best weeks in recent college basketball memory.

Don’t be surprised to see Villanova pull a couple more shockers this season, maybe even in March.

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