Duke's Seniors Step Up Big Time in Win Over Wake Forest

By Anthony Lenahan
Jeremy Brevard-USA Today Sports

Senior leadership is one of the most vital aspects to a team in college basketball.  When you have upper-classmen on the court who have been their before, it really makes your team a lot better.  In tough times of the season or in clutch moments of a game, most of the time experience is better to have on the court then talent.

Last night, Duke was on the road at Wake Forest in a game they won by five points.  The game was tightly contested the entire game and Duke’s seniors stepped up and took the game over the whole night.  After losing one of their seniors and one of their most important players, Ryan Kelly, to injury, the Blue Devils have been in a little bit of a struggle.

Mason Plumlee and Seth Curry knew that their team needed them in order to be able to go on the road and earn a hard fought victory in ACC play.  Plumlee and Curry came to play and combined to score 53 out of the teams 75 points.  Plumlee led with 32 points on 12-15 shooting while Curry had 21 points on 7-17 shooting.

Curry, Plumlee, and Quinn Cook were the three players who played over 35 minutes for the Blue Devils.  Cook added 12 points, but besides that the rest of the Duke team combined for 10 points.

Plumlee who has been great all year continued his dominance in the paint even without Kelly in their to help him out.  He also grabbed nine rebounds to go along with two steals and two blocks.  Total domination was shown by Plumlee and he showed he was a big time player.

Curry has been struggling with his shot lately and he couldn’t buy a three last night.  Only 1-6 from downtown, but the senior found other ways to provide points for his team when they needed it.  He hit a couple key pull-up jumpers and some key free throws in the victory.

These two seniors have both talent and experience and when you combine that combination, it makes for a dynamic duo and you saw it in action last night.  Curry and Plumlee came to play when their team needed them to and were able to lead their team to a hard fought victory.

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