Michael Dixon Jr.: An SEC Player Whose Transfer Limited the Missouri Tigers This Season

By Taylor Sturm
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

This season in the SEC not much has gone as expected. Kentucky looks like it may barely make it into the NCAA tournament, Ole Miss, not Alabama, is the team to beat in the West and Missouri, thought to be a final four team, is losing games by 30 to the Florida Gators. One of these teams, Missouri, is missing a top player from last year that would have expanded the Tigers season’s potential.

The Missouri Tigers are 15-5, and after beginning the season strongly, seem to look like an up and down team. The Tigers are a team comprised of Phil Pressey, Jabari Brown and Laurence Bowers. No one else on that team makes a major impact, and that is the reason that the Tigers continue to lose in SEC play. The Tigers were expected to have another star player on their roster – Michael Dixon Jr. Dixon was falsely accused of rape and then transferred, leaving a huge hole in this Missouri team. His loss has really set the Tigers back and looks to keep them far far away from the national title.

Missouri looks to be one good player away from being a Final Four ready team. That was evident in the loss to the Florida Gators and the Louisville Cardinals earlier in the season. Missouri is a second round team in the NCAA tournament only at this point, and maybe could be knocked out even earlier. If the one-SEC win LSU Tigers can defeat Missouri, why not any team?

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