Oklahoma State Cowyboys: Guard Marcus Smart with Double Buzzer Beaters (Videos)

By Joseph Nardone
Alonzo J. Adams-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have one of the best freshmen in the country in Marcus Smart. Having a top-tier freshman playing for the Cowboys is strange for two reasons. One, I didn’t realize top freshmen went to play on teams other than the Kentucky Wildcats. And two, while Oklahoma State is a solid program, nobody confuses them with a recruiting powerhouse.

Last night nobody could have used a win the way Oklahoma State needed one. Despite having a 14-5 overall record, until last night, the Cowboys were only 3-3 in the Big 12. With the win last night, not only did they improve to over .500 percent in conference play, but they are starting to build a nice resume for March.

Well, in last night’s game against the Iowa State Cyclones, not only did they win and improve their record, they did it in exciting fashion. At the end of the first half, Oklahoma State was down seven with mere seconds to go. With momentum on the line, and a chance to cut into the lead, super-freshman Smart decided to do something, well, super(Both videos credited to Rob Dauster of NBC Sports fame).


However, that’s not all, kids. With the game on the line, after coming back from being down as many as 11 in the second half, Smart did it again. This time it was for the win.


There are plenty of good freshmen in the country this year. Don’t listen to any of the experts, college hoops is as good as it has ever been. Story lines like Marshall “Womp Womp Monster” Henderson, Kentucky struggling to find themselves, and a revolving door of number one ranked teams in the nation, are all making this college hoops season awesome.

I mean you’re reading this, right? So you’re all in. Awesome man, awesome.

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