The LSU Tigers Defeat the No. 17 Missouri Tigers: The First of Many Upsets

By Taylor Sturm
Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

There is seldom an opportunity that a player can say that as the best point guard in the country he went for 25 points, five assists and five steals and his team still lost. Phil Pressey can now say just that. The LSU Tigers defeated the No. 17 Missouri Tigers 73-70 Wednesday night. LSU who had only one SEC win before the win against Missouri, outplayed Missouri in every aspect of the game.

Missouri should now be worried. The beginning of the season started with aspirations of a national championship, but now it will be a miracle if the Tigers make it past the second round. The loss to LSU proved that Missouri is a team of only Pressey and Laurence Bowers. Bowers and Pressey (and sometimes Jabari Brown) are the only real consistent threat that the Tigers possess. Missouri has absolutely no depth and will continue to lose games until more players get involved.

On the other hand, LSU played an outstanding game, and for a team that is rebuilding, deserved this win. They outplayed Missouri in almost every aspect of the game. Johnny O’Bryant III is one of the best young players in the SEC and LSU will only continue to improve as the next few seasons go along.

While Missouri showed its vulnerability against athletic big teams, LSU showed its potential for upsetting good teams. So now, while the top SEC teams learned that they may have to worry about LSU, Missouri was shown that the national championship is very far off – and in my opinion, with this roster, unachievable.

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