Georgetown Hoyas Coach John Thompson III Rejects the "Princeton" Label

By Merlisa
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Georgetown Hoyas coach John Thompson III rejects what he considers the media’s attempt to brand his team with the “Princeton Offense.”

Perhaps weary of criticism of his team’s anemic offense, Thompson, who played and coached at Princeton, dismisses the label and says he adjusts with the talent he has.

“The powers that be have decided to give our offense a label,” said Thompson.  “So you sit here and say, ‘Does Seton Hall run the Seton Hall offense?  Louisville run the Louisville offense?  St. John’s run the St. John’s offense?  I don’t think other schools in our conference have a label for their offense’.  And I don’t think they should.  And at the same time, nor should we.”

Despite recent impressive wins against the Louisville Cardinals and Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the Hoyas continue to struggle on offense.  But Thompson said those struggles have more to do with personnel than the style of offense he runs.

“If you look at year-to-year, game-to-game, personnel-to-personnel, we have changed dramatically what we do at the offensive end of the court.  But that’s something we’re stuck with, good, bad, right or wrong….that label,” he said.  “The same thing is true at the defensive end.  We’ve had different schemes based on our personnel.”

The Hoyas have certainly been more consistent on defense than offense.  They have held opponents to 55.3 points per game and 37.9 percent shooting from the field.  They are second in the Big East Conference in defense, but second to last in the conference in offense, averaging just 63.9 points per game.

“We’re going to have to have defense to win games this year with the group we’ve got,” said Thompson.  He blamed the media for the over emphasis on the Princeton offense.  “Our offensive side is all that gets talked about.  For the most case we’ve been a pretty good defensive group.”

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