Middle Tennessee State Junior Shawn Jones Wins Game with Tip In (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

How die-hard of a college basketball fan are you? Do you follow our own Jake Fischer for topnotch CAA coverage, when it’s cold outside, do you cover yourself in a blanket to watch some NEC hoops, or is your dream evening a night spent watching some Middle Tennessee Blue Raider action?

Maybe you are not one of the folks but just happen to love buzzer-beaters. You enjoy nights spent eating the finest donuts in town, listening to the hottest new Michael Bublé track, and just hoping to see something special while flipping though games. However, more than likely, you’re none of those things. Instead you wait for a schmuck to post a buzzer-beater video, featuring two low-level programs, for you. Luckily, I am that schmuck.

Middle Tennessee is not only a basketball team you never watch, they were also a team that was down 17 points at halftime Thursday night. The early goings were controlled by the Florida International Golden Panthers, who is coached by Richard Pitino(Son of Rick “Getting Busy in a Burger King Bathroom” Pitino), but none of that mattered after Blue Raiders forward Shawn Jones tipped in the game-winning basket and kept their NCAA Tournament at-large bid alive.


Not only does that bucket keep Middle Tennessee’s NCAA Tournament hopes alive but it’s getting them some national play. Not to bad for a team that has a nickname of Blue Raiders. If someone can tell me what the difference is between a Raider, a Red Raider, and a Blue Raider, I’d be highly thankful.

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