Are the Seton Hall Pirates Fans Unable to Make Noises at the Prudential Center?

By Joseph Nardone
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I didn’t attend the Seton Hall Pirates facing off against the  Cincinnati Bearcats at the Prudential Center today, all I did was watch it on my picture-box. But I watched it, the whole thing, even when the Pirates were down as many as 20 in the second half. You see I’m vested in certain teams, specifically the Catholic Seven, who are going to depart the Big East Conference fairly soon. I care for each one of those seven schools as if they were my unborn child(Granted, I don’t want to feed or bathe any of them).

So imagine my disappointment today when Seton Hall battled all the way back against the Bearcats and almost surmounted an improbable comeback. No, I wasn’t upset that they didn’t win, Cincy is a far better team and the fact that Seton Hall stuck with them for so long is a form of moral victory for the Pirates. I was disappointed, no stunned, with the lack of crowd enthusiasm during said comeback.

I don’t know if it was the early 11 in the morning tip, if the fans themselves didn’t even believe that Seton could win, or if a slew of bad seasons left the fans less than motivated to cheer hard for one particular game, but it’s still disappointing.

I completely understand that under coach Kevin Willard a 47-39 overall record is nothing worth writing home about, but even Terry Dehere thinks you guys should stop holding on to the past and start rooting in the moment. Root for your team, even if you think they are going to lose, because you just never know.

Seton Hall isn’t even having that bad of a season this year either. Struggling in the Big East, sure(2-7 in in-conference play), but your team literally almost made a storybook comeback today. Playing hard, coaching strategies paying off, shots going in from players who would otherwise never hit the broad side of a barn, the Pirates were a few more buckets away from adding to Seton Hall lore.

I sat and watched the game with excitement, texting all my other college hoops die-hard friends, and you Pirates fans inside the Prudential Center were more than happy to ONLY mildly clap for your squad’s nearly Adrian Peterson coming back from ACL surgery like comeback.

However, I could be wrong. Maybe the Prudential Center has bad acoustics or ESPN did a bad job properly placing microphones. I just don’t know Seton Hall fans, I just don’t know. You guys are a proud, historical program, but that doesn’t literally mean act like you’ve been there before, because you haven’t…

In a long time.

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