Kentucky vs. Texas A&M: Who Will Win and What Will Billy Gillispie Drink?

By conorrevell
Mark Zerof-US Presswire

Billy Gillispie will attend the Kentucky vs. Texas A&M game today in College Station, Texas this evening at 6:00 p.m.

Gillispie coach Texas A&M from 2004-2007. Then he left to coach UK from 2007-2009. He only lasted in Lexington for two years after only making it to the first round in his first year and missing the tournament all-together in his second year. In 2009, UK missed the tourney for the first time since 1991.

He won’t have to focus on how to stop Texas A&M’s Elston Turner or UK’s Nerlens Noel. Instead, Gillispie’s will have the tough decision on what non-alcoholic beverage he wants to drink during the game. The Southeast Conference prohibits alcohol sales at sporting events. Gillispie is out of luck, unless he sneaks some Kentucky bourbon into the arena.

But forget about Gillispie – we have a basketball game to talk about. Three weeks ago, the Texas A&M Aggies defeated the Kentucky Wildcats 83-71. Turner dropped 40 on the Cats in that game.

If UK wants to win, they’ll figure out a way to stop Turner. Since that win, Turner has only scored more than 13 points in a game once. To stop Turner, the Cats will need to trap Turner. They cannot allow him to touch the ball. The kid shot the ball 19 times – unacceptable, if UK wants to win.

Could you imagine how drunk Gillispie would have been if he took a shot of bourbon every time Turner shot? That’s how bad it got for John Calipari and his Kittens. UK struggled on offense at times in that game too. Ryan Harrow and Archie Goodwin shot 11-29 from the field.

Why not give the ball to Noel? He only shot the ball six times in that game and hit four of them, and he still finished with a double-double. But, besides rebounds, the Cats didn’t play all that bad. Turner played really well and shot lights out.

Turner will score less than 20 points today if they follow Cal’s game plan and UK will walk out with a ten-point victory against Turner.

However, if the Kittens forget about Turner and Coach Cal’s game plan, Cats fan will have a flashback to the Gillispie days. And they’ll want to get their hands on a fifth of bourbon as quick as they can so that they can forget about the loss.

Any who, I want to know which bar Gillispie will go to after the game? After all, he’s in a lose-lose situation, somebody’s got to win, and it might as well not be you. By the way, I think Gillispie will enjoy a bourbon and coke, after the game.

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