Super Bowl Props With a College Basketball Twist

By Matt Josephs
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is almost here and there are literally bazillions of props out there for all sorts of occurrences in the game itself and other games that day. My favorites to attack are the cross sport props because it allows you to mix your passions for other events besides the game. That said here are a few that are college basketball related and my thoughts on them.

Big East Team Points -45.5 vs. Baltimore Ravens Total Net Yards — This is an interesting prop. You’d lean to the college basketball teams early on, until you see that in that group are South Florida and Louisville who both play fantastic defense. Villanova played Providence earlier and scored 135 points combined. I estimate Louisville/Marquette to go around 135 while USF/UConn will be around 130. Those three equal 400 points. Let’s compare that to the Ravens who average 352.5 yards per game. They will go up against the San Francisco 49ers who allowed 294.4 during the regular season.
Verdict: I wouldn’t touch this. If I had to make a pick I’d go with the Ravens total net yards.

Big 10 Team Points -29.5 vs. Colin Kaepernick Passing Yards — You know the Big 10 games are going low. Illinois lost to Wisconsin 74-51 back on January 12th.  Iowa and Minnesota have not played each other yet, but the Golden Gophers are a defensive squad too. We’ll put that one around 135 at the highest.  Combine those two and you’ve got 260.  Colin the K’s numbers are interesting.  During the season he only threw for 139.5 yards per game.  That number went up to around 250 or so in the two playoff games.
Verdict: I’m taking Kaepernick’s passing yards. I think these two numbers end up near each other.

Russ Smith Points -2.5 vs. Colin Kaepernick Completions — The 49ers QB has 33 completions in two playoff games this season. In ten regular season games, he averaged about 13.6 completions.  Russ Smith averages 18.4 points per game for the Cardinals.  His low has been eight points twice with his high being 31.  Marquette plays good defense but you know Russ will get his. He had 32 points in two games against them last year although he came off the bench for one of them.
Verdict: I’m taking the 49ers’ QB again. I think he may match Smith’s points in which case we win.

Louisville Points -3.5 vs. Frank Gore Rush Yards — The Cardinals average 74 points per game this season while Marquette gives up 62.3.  Frank Gore has 209 yards on 44 carries in the playoffs so I think they continue that trend and continue to feed him in the backfield.  Baltimore allowed 122.8 rush yards per game during the regular season. This one seems pretty easy to me.
Verdict: Gore rushing yards. I think he gets at least 80 and don’t think the Cardinals break 75.

Stanford Points +1.5 vs. Michael Crabtree Receiving Yards Oregon State allows almost 70 points per game this season.  Stanford scores 69.8 points per contest.  Michael Crabtree put up 69.1 receiving yards per game in the regular season which went up to 88 in the playoffs.  He’s the number one option for the 49ers who as we’ve projected so far, should do well offensively.
Verdict: Crabtree. Stanford is going to put up around 75. The Wideout 80.

Good luck!

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