Minnesota Gophers Played With Heart Against the Iowa Hawkeyes

By John Hayden

Today was a super day in the sports world as everyone gathered together to watch the biggest game of all, the Minnesota Gophers and Iowa Hawkeyes game. Okay maybe not, but this was a super game that Iowa needed to win but instead came up short.  This Gopher team played another game that was more about pose and hustle than about shooting and passing. It took all the way to the final seconds for the Gophers to finally pull out the victory. Thanks in part to Austin Hollis who hit the go ahead three-pointer to seal the game.

Even Hollis said , “We showed a lot of heart toward the end of the game.” This game was played with heart and toughness but that was about it.  The Gophers lost similar games when points were at a premium and open looks at the basket were hard to come by. But with some big plays and a boost from the home crowd, they emerged with a much different feeling this time. Minnesota coach Tubby Smith talked about the Gophers. “Our guys showed a lot of heart, a lot of toughness and a lot of character.”

It seems like the Hawkeyes let this game slip away from them and had plenty of chances to pull ahead but came up short by turning over the ball. Iowa had a chance to build on a three point lead but missed three shots and let the Gophers get back into the game by a an uncontested dunk by Rodney Williams. Even the Hawkeyes  coach Fran McCaffrey was seething after the late collapse.

It doesn’t always take a lot of baskets, rebounds, assists and points to win games, okay sometimes it does but with passion, determination, will power and heart you can beat any team on any given day. The Gophers proved that they are legit this season and will be a contender for the Big 1o.

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