Indiana Fans Photobomb ESPN's College Gameday (Video)

By Jon Hancock
Indiana Hoosier Fans
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Having ESPN’s College Gameday crew come to you campus is thought be a huge honor. At this week’s Indiana vs. Michigan game, Indiana Hoosier fans took full advantage of their opportunity and did some amazing photobombing behind Jay Bilas, Jalen Rose and Digger Phelps.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the art of photobombing is, let me define it quickly for you. Photobombing is basically showing up behind someone while a picture or video is being made and making the picture or video about you.

If you still don’t understand, watch Indiana fans own College Gameday. I warn you though, the girl pretending to swim is a little scary.

My personal favorite is the guy who polished up Jay Bilas’ bald spot. It isn’t just the act that the guy is doing, it is how much he is enjoying it–he did it for a good while too.

Indiana fans not only owned the screen on College Gameday, but they created a great atmosphere in Assembly Hall for their Hoosiers to take down No. 1 Michigan. Hoosier fans are thought to be one of the best fan bases in college basketball, but who knew they could be so entertaining?

The College Gameday crew will be in South Bend this Saturday for the Notre Dame vs. Louisville game. It is on you now, Fighting Irish, fans to show what you got. Cameras will be ready, and the world will be waiting to see how you can top Hoosier fans.


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