Is Big 12 Expansion On The Horizon?

By John Hayden
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The talk of expansion is once again heating up in the Big 12. It seems year after year, season after season we hear about this conference expanding and this conference staying the same. The Big 12 in the past two years have lost teams to expansion, Colorado to the Pac-12, Missouri and Texas A&M to the SEC and Nebraska to the Big 10. The Big 12 has added this year TCU and West Virginia to their mix of teams.

I think it is time to start asking the question – is it time for the Big 12 to expand? The athletic directors of the conference met last week and this was one of the many questions they discussed. The majority opinion right now is that the ACC and the Big 12 might lock arms into some type of future scheduling agreement as this was endorsed by the athletic directors. Just think about it for a minute, a Kansas vs Louisville basketball game or a conference basketball game. If the Big 10 and the SEC keep trying to capture and bring in ACC members I truly believe this will happen.

The Big 12 commissioner, Bob Bowlsby said “I’m not comfortable with raiding other conferences…but if there are circumstances that indicate that institutions might be looking for an alternative to their circumstance, you have to listen. I don’t think you can do otherwise … There’s a case to be made for getting larger.” So if you read between the lines, is he saying that it is time to start thinking about and preparing to expand.

The time is now and if they don’t take the upper hand we might see other Big 12 teams leaving and sit back in watch the Pac-12, SEC and the Big 10 to be the super 16 conferences everyone is talking about. They need to reach out to teams in the ACC  like  Florida State, Miami, and Clemson or Cincinnati and Connecticut from the Big East. The revenue, financial advantages, and recruiting would be great for this conference.

The time is now and the Big 12 must expand if they want to have a championship football game. If history repeats itself as it did when the Southwest Conference and the Big 8 merged together, it can happen again. Its time to wake up and realize 10 teams isn’t enough to keep firm when the expansion tremors and earthquakes happen.

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